How can you jailbreak IOS 11 and install Cydia?

How can you jailbreak IOS 11 and install Cydia: The iPhone is useful for millions of happy users all over the world. And there are thousands choices for application and oodles of content are given in the Application  store for the users. But there are also people who are not so happy as they believe that Apple has forced some restrictions upon us all from the default applications that came with IOS to the fact that is fundamental structure cannot be personalised by lone techie and they want to breakfree those restrictions. And these people who are not happy are the jailbreakers. And jailbreaking is a process that   changethe IOS device software to cut away the restrictions and limitations that is  enforce by the Apple.

Cydia is Apple’s latest major firmware update which is compatible for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch and is now available Apple has added alot of Cydia features to iOS 11 which gives you intricate design which changes to the elements in the between. On your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device, it gives you a new look. With a new interface, the Application Store has totally changed. Drag and Drop,  a new feature, which lets you copy images, text, links and other contents from one application and drop it on the other application.

How can you jailbreak IOS 11 and install Cydia

 install Cydia

You can download only limited of iOS version and Cydia is a free of cost application. With jailbreak application it can only install this application. Now the given below rules help you to install the Cydia.

You can go in the link – Download Cydia installer. Then Tap Allow to install application to your device. After that Tap Install -> Next -> Install – > Done to add installer to your device. Tap to Jailbreak and find your jailbreak solution. At end Download application to get Cydia for your device.

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